No Passwords.

More Secure.

Stop account takeovers, phishing attacks, and fraud.

Decentralized-identity-as-a-service (DIaaS™) platform that deploys in minutes.




Passwordless Authentication

Intuitive passwordless authentication to protect your users from identity-based cyber attacks

Enable secure authentication


Tokenless MFA

Strong, user-friendly step-up authentication without the need for insecure SMS messages, email codes, or rotating tokens

Enable seamless MFA

Consent-based Authorization

Simple consent-based authorization for your most critical transactions to stop fraud before it occurs

Enable consent-driven authorization

usernames and passwords freely available on the dark web

in expected losses by 2023 due to card-not-present fraud

average cost of a data breach


of hacking related breaches are tied to weak or stolen passwords

Why BlokSec


Makes online accounts easy to access, without the need to remember passwords or use of tokens. Authentication and authorization are as simple as unlocking a mobile device.


Authentication transactions are sealed with an unforgeable digital signature proving user authenticity and ensuring integrity.



There is no need for organizations to keep a central store of passwords. Users are authenticated using their decentralized credentials.


Consent Driven

Users provide consent for access to online information and authorization for important transactions.


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To support regulatory requirements and privacy we need stronger authentication for our customers and partners; this is where BlokSec is helping us close this gap.

Shaily Srivastava

CEO, Acreage (use-case: passwordless login and consent-based authorization)

Integrating passwordless login to our customer admin portal using OIDC was simple and straightforward. It took less than 15 minutes to configure our platform to leverage BlokSec for login.

Jasen Meece

CEO, Cloudentity (use-case: passwordless login)