3 reasons you should take advantage of passwordless authentication

Written byKetan Kapadia

BlokSec’s passwordless authentication uses modern immutable ledger technology along with users’ own smartphones to better protect data while offering an exceptional user experience. With a simple finger tap or facial recognition, secure access is provided in milliseconds. There are no complex passwords to remember and you’ll never have to reset your password again — not ever. That’s pretty incredible, and it’s just the beginning. Here are three reasons you should take advantage of passwordless authentication for your business.

It’s the way of the future

Remember when you had to go into the bank in person to cash a cheque with a teller? Or maybe you’re a bit younger than that, but you remember having to physically deposit your cheque into a bank machine. That was only a few years ago. Today, cheques are used infrequently and when they are issued, you can deposit them from your smartphone. Like this evolution and many others before it, passwordless authentication is the future of data access in each and every industry across the globe. There’s also consent-based authorization technology to consider. If you aren’t moving forward, you’re going to fall behind. It’s an easy choice to make!

It speaks to the quality of your business

Have you ever visited a website and thought wow, this is dated? We all have, especially if that website isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive, or if a retailer doesn’t have an e-commerce option. It’s like they’re stuck in the ‘90s when you had to visit the mall to buy jeans! And that’s exactly how password-based technology is beginning to feel to consumers. It’s unnecessarily slow, frustrating and dated. Forgetting your password is annoying and resetting it is even worse. Simply put, people don’t like having to use passwords. Give them a better experience and they’ll associate it with the quality of your brand: one that invests in modern technology, protects their customers and offers more than their competitors.

It improves customer engagement and builds brand loyalty

People remember what they like—and what they don’t—and make subsequent decisions accordingly. Research indicates that 78% of consumers would back out of a purchase due to a negative user experience, and nearly 20% of customers abandon their cart due to forgotten passwords. Password-related frustration can erode your reputation and cause revenue loss. And if there’s a data breach? Game over. By delivering a seamless customer experience through your app or website, you help turn customers into loyal advocates. It’s a win for everyone. To learn more about enabling BlokSec’s passwordless authentication for your business, please contact us.

Embrace Passwordless

Eliminate password-based attacks and online fraud.


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Is secure passwordless authentication really achievable in my industry?

Is secure passwordless authentication really achievable in my industry?

Are you considering passwordless authentication; however, not sure if it is achievable?

If your business uses passwords, you should be considering a move to passwordless authentication. Not only is it achievable, it’s the future of information access.

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5 Reasons to Transition your Business to Passwordless Authentication

5 Reasons to Transition your Business to Passwordless Authentication

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Here are five reasons to transition your business to passwordless authentication right now.

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