3 ways passwordless authentication improves security and delights users

Written by Ketan Kapadia

We could go on forever about the technical reasons to use passwordless authentication for your business: enhanced user security, the ability to implement consent-based authorization when completing financial transactions, plus avoiding fraud and data breaches (a daily occurrence that results in nearly $17 billion dollars of credential abuse each year). When you look at situations involving malware, ransomware, phishing and other cyber attacks, the common theme is password theft. In fact, compromised passwords account for 81% of data-related breaches. That’s an incredible amount of stolen data, and it’s entirely preventable.

When you remove passwords from a transaction, you remove the dominant threat to your online security. Knowing this, it’s easy to see how BlokSec delivers incredible safety and peace of mind for businesses. But from a consumer perspective, what does passwordless authentication have to offer? Here are a few ways BlokSec delights consumers while protecting their data.



Users no longer have to remember passwords

You might be able to remember the password to an account you use every day (your email or online banking, for example) but what about all of those other accounts? Media subscriptions, e-commerce websites, all of those apps on your phone and more. It’s a lot to memorize, and every website password has unique requirements for length, capitalization and special characters. Oh, and you change those passwords every so often to minimize risk. The end result? You forget passwords all the time, adding frustration and inconvenience to your life.

With BlokSec, all of these issues are a thing of the past. You simply use digital signatures along with the biometric technology on your smartphone to unlock various accounts in seconds, no password required. The end result in this scenario? Happy employees, business partners and customers who are left wondering where this technology has been all their life.



Password resets are no longer required

Back to all of those passwords. When we inevitably forget them — and we do, because we’re human — we have to stop what we’re doing and reset them… Again and again and again. At best, it’s a pain point for consumers. At worst, it’s frustrating enough to make them abandon a transaction or stop visiting your website (not to mention the administrative cost).

With BlokSec, this scenario never occurs because the verifiable identity platform that leverages digital signatures along with the biometric technology in your smartphone acts as your password. There is nothing to be reset, so customers get smooth, uninterrupted access to their accounts at all times.


It delivers a simple and intuitive user experience

Unlocking a phone is something that’s done quickly and intuitively. If you can glance at a screen to initiate facial recognition or tap your fingerprint on the back of your smartphone, you’re in. It could not be easier or faster, and it offers better digital security than you’ve ever experienced in your lifetime. It’s pretty amazing, and your customers will be thrilled with the simplicity and ease of use.

There is no downside to passwordless technology, and no excuse to stay stuck in the past. To learn more about using BlokSec for your business, please contact us.

Improve Security

Embrace passwordless to improve security and remove friction.


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