We are on a mission to make the Internet safer where you are in control of your identity.


BlokSec is the decentralized identity platform for organizations to provide a true passwordless authentication and consent-based authorization services. BlokSec’s decentralized-identity-as-a- service (DIaaS)™ platform provides a simple and secure way to access consumer websites and mobile apps, web-based business applications, and remote services providing stronger protection against identity-centric cyberattacks.

The BlokSec team is composed of cybersecurity and identity management professionals who are passionate about identity security, data security and privacy. We want to restore the digital trust for online interactions by providing a seamless and secure way to authenticate and authorize users.

The Team

Bloksec Team

Ketan Kapadia

CEO & Co-Founder

Ketan is an entrepreneur with 20+ years of information security experience. Prior to BlokSec, he founded a leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) consulting company Aikya Security, acquired by Herjavec Group in 2016. Prior to founding Aikya Security, Ketan was an early hire at Aveksa, and identity and access governance software company acquired by RSA Security in 2013. Throughout his experiences at Aveksa and Aikya, he shared the confidence of enterprise execs with protecting growing identity-centric cybersecurity challenges.

Bloksec Team

Mike Gillan

CTO & Co-Founder

For more than 20 years, Mike has led the technology vision, strategy, and architecture for global enterprises including leading of development teams at Fortune 500 companies such as BlackBerry. ​Previously, he joined forces with Ketan Kapadia at Aikya Security, an Identity and Access Management (IAM) consulting company acquired by Herjavec Group in 2016, to help with growth of the company and build integrations to support complex identity and access management requirements.

Bloksec Team

Robert Kavanagh


For the past 23 years, Robert has mastered the expertise in helping high-growth technology companies enter emerging markets and attract net new customers. In past endeavors, he has built and ran sales organizations that delivered resounding and award-winning success For all involved. Most passionate about family, work, technology, music, and art, joining BlokSec to spearhead growth around the world was a foregone conclusion.  His positive attitude and widespread network make him a natural fit at this critical time in BlokSec’s history.


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To support regulatory requirements and privacy we need stronger authentication for our customers and partners; this is where BlokSec is helping us close this gap.

Shaily Srivastava

CEO, Acreage (use-case: passwordless login and consent-based authorization)

Integrating passwordless login to our customer admin portal using OIDC was simple and straightforward. It took less than 15 minutes to configure our platform to leverage BlokSec for login.

Jasen Meece

CEO, Cloudentity (use-case: passwordless login)