BlokSec Integration with CyberArk Provides Increased Security with Passwordless Login

Written by Ketan Kapadia

BlokSec, is announcing the availability of a new integration with CyberArk, the global leader in Privileged Access Management. As a result of the integration with the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution, BlokSec now offers an authentication plugin that enables passwordless login. The BlokSec integration is available on CyberArk Marketplace, the industry’s broadest and deepest inventory of privileged access-related technology integrations.

Privileged Access Management continues to be one of the top priorities for cybersecurity teams. According to a CyberArk study on the global advanced threat landscape, 78% of respondents said hackers represented one of their top three greatest threats to critical assets. It should not come as a surprise that 60% of the respondents, as outlined in the study, believed phishing was among their great security risks to their organization.

“Our integration with CyberArk’s market-leading Privileged Access Management Solution is a testament to BlokSec’s commitment to work with the industry’s top solutions providers to ensure our customers have the most robust and advanced security available for use with our solutions,” said Mike Gillan, CTO & Co-Founder, BlokSec. “According to the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, the most common threat actions that led to an organizational breach were phishing and the use of stolen credentials. With the BlokSec-CyberArk integration, organizations can benefit from true, decentralized passwordless authentication to stop cyber-attacks before they start.”

With passwordless login organizations get the best of both worlds – secure logins to stop malicious actors from harvesting passwords combined with a seamless end-user experience. Companies that want to avoid being relics in today’s cybersecurity landscape need to consider leaving passwords in the past and embrace a passwordless future for accessing their crown jewels.

For those who would like to try BlokSec for securing administrative access to CyberArk, we are now offering a 120-day free trial. Please connect with us.

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