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Custom OIDC

BlokSec can be configured as an inbound federation identity provider (a.k.a. social provider) for your Open ID Connect (OIDC) application to provide your users with secure, passwordless authentication. The following article describes the process to configure authentication for OIDC.

BlokSec Admin UI

  1. Sign into BlokSec admin UI as a user with admin privileges for your tenant
  2. On the main dashboard, click the Add Application  drop-down and select Create Custom
  3. Complete the application details as follows and submit:
    • Name: Okta (or your desired application name – we will assume this is called ‘Okta’ for the remainder of this article)
    • SSO Type: OpenID Connect
    • Logo URI: https://bloksec.io/assets/okta.png (or a link to the image of your choice)
    • Redirect URIs: <provide your applications redirect URL (e.g., http://localhost:3000/callback or https://yourappdomain.com/callback) >
    • Post Logout Redirect URIs: <provide the URL to redirect users upon logout (e.g., http://localhost:3000 or https://yourappdomain.com) >
  4. Once saved, click back into the newly created ‘Okta’ application to open the application configuration
  5. Click Generate App Secret, then make note of the Application ID and Application Secret as these will be required when registering your application with Okta
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