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Getting Started with BlokSec yuID

yuID is BlokSec’s decentralized identity wallet. Once setup, you can use yuID to login to integrated websites and mobile apps without the need for a password – yuID creates a unique, unforgeable digital signature for you each time you authenticate.

How to get started with yuID

Before you begin, ensure you have received an enrolment email with an invitation to link your account with yuID. You will need this email in step 2.

Step 1: download the yuID application from the App Store / Play Store on your mobile device. There is no need to open the app yet.

Apple App Store badge Google Play badge

Step 2: open the yuID enrolment email you received on your mobile device, and click on the “complete enrolment” link in the email

Step 3: the yuID application will automatically open to handle the account enrolment. It will walk you through the initial app setup which will prompt you for your name, email address, and mobile number. BlokSec never shares this information without your permission.

Step 4: the yuID application will prompt you to secure the application with biometry (fingerprint or facial recognition depending on your device’s capabilities) or a passcode

Step 5: once the initial setup is complete, the app will proceed to complete the enrolment. You are now ready to sign in with yuID!



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