Enhanced User Security

Enhanced user security to protect against breaches


Protect Against Breaches

Data breaches are becoming a daily occurrence, impacting organizations and individuals alike. Protecting against breaches has become a top priority for every organization. Whether it be malware, ransomware, man-in-the-middle attack, or  phishing, the common theme across these cyberattacks is theft of passwords. With compromised passwords malicious actors now have the ability to login as the user and act as the user without their knowledge or consent, leading to theft of personally identifiable data and identity fraud.


of hacking related breaches are related to compromised passwords


in losses due to identity fraud

of data breaches start with privileged credential abuse

With enhanced user security organizations can:

Enable Secure Access
Enable Secure Access

Provide your users (customers, employees, contractors, partners) secure access across your on-premise, cloud and customer portal applications – ensuring that they say who they are.

Enable Cost Avoidence

With protection against password-based attacks, organizations can avoid the cost of a breach ( $3.86 million (USD) according to IBM and Ponemon Institute). Organizations can also avoid long-term negative effects of a data breach such as reputational damage that are felt for years after the incident.

Stop Password Theft
Stop Password Theft

Enable passwordless authentication for your users (customers, employees, contractors, partners) to stop the malicious attackers from harvesting passwords leading to digital fraud.

Ready to stop breaches?

Passwordless Authentication
Passwordless Authentication

A passwordless authentication gives your users access to on-premise, cloud and customer portal applications.

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Tokenless Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure your applications and network with tokenless step-up authentication without insecure SMS, email-based codes, or rotating tokens.

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Learn more about BlokSec's Decentralized-Identity-as-a-Service (DIaaS™) Platform


To support regulatory requirements and privacy we need stronger authentication for our customers and partners; this is where BlokSec is helping us close this gap.

Shaily Srivastava

CEO, Acreage (use-case: passwordless login and consent-based authorization)

Integrating passwordless login to our customer admin portal using OIDC was simple and straightforward. It took less than 15 minutes to configure our platform to leverage BlokSec for login.

Jasen Meece

CEO, Cloudentity (use-case: passwordless login)