Is secure passwordless authentication really achievable in my industry?

Written by Mike Gillan

It’s easy to see why passwordless authentication is becoming standard in sectors like finance and healthcare, but businesses outside of those industries may be wondering if and how they fit into the picture. Is passwordless authentication necessary in their industry and furthermore, is it something they can realistically achieve as a business?

The short answer? If your business uses passwords, you should be considering a move to passwordless authentication with BlokSec. Not only is it achievable, it’s the future of information access.

Why go passwordless?

Passwords can be hacked and more often than not, they’re forgotten. While resetting a password is fairly straightforward, it’s inconvenient and often frustrating for users. At a retail level, it may even deter consumers from completing a purchase. That alone is enough reason to make the move, but there’s more: data protection, efficiency, ease of use, impenetrable security, and more.

Issues relating to passwords are not industry-specific. If you think about it, passwords exist in every vertical from financial services and healthcare to retail, food and beverage, real estate, and a wide range of roles relating to administration, professional services and intellectual property. If you’re adding funds to that coffee app on your phone or accumulating points on a digital rewards card, you need a password—and as far as consumers are concerned, that’s both inconvenient and annoying. Plus, it slows them down—sometimes enough to put off or abandon the transaction.

The problems BlokSec technology solves transcend industry verticals. If your business requires users to have a password, it’s time to convert to passwordless. If someone can unlock their mobile device with a fingerprint or facial ID, why should they have to remember a secret password with one capital letter, a number and a special character just to log in and view their own data? BlokSec offers a Verifiable Identity platform that leverages decentralized digital identity and immutable ledger technology. Authentication is incredibly secure and the user experience is as simple as unlocking a phone. It’s fast, better, and more secure — and users everywhere are beginning to expect this level of innovation.

Better access and security for all users

Large enterprises are already working towards a passwordless future for users, but small and mid-size businesses shouldn’t count themselves out. BlokSec makes it easy for any business of any size to offer secure, convenient authentication without the use of passwords. This technology is not just an option for business owners; it’s where all industries are headed.

Remember when the Internet was relatively new and not all companies had a professional website? Now everyone does, and it would be considered a huge missed opportunity not to market your business online. That’s what passwordless authentication is today—a growing innovation that will soon be the norm and a key to your success.

If you’re not keeping up with the pace of technology, your competitors will be. To learn more about applying BlokSec passwordless authentication technology to your business, contact us. We’d be pleased to hear from you and offer a consultation with an expert from our team.

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