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  Bloksec Passwordless Login

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These Companies Get it

To support regulatory requirements and privacy we need stronger authentication for our customers and partners; this is where BlokSec is helping us close this gap.

Shaily Srivastava

CEO, Acreage (use-case: passwordless login and consent-based authorization)

SiberXchange is a place where cybersecurity professionals meet and collaborate, so it is very important for us to have the strongest possible security for our website. We needed a solution that would ensure only authorized individuals have access to our resources and maintain the privacy of our members’ data. We chose BlokSec to safeguard SiberXchange, and provide our members a secure and friction-free login experience.

Mahdi Raza,

Founder & CEO, SiberXchange

Integrating passwordless login to our customer admin portal using OIDC was simple and straightforward. It took less than 15 minutes to configure our platform to leverage BlokSec for login.

Jasen Meece

CEO, Cloudentity (use-case: passwordless login)